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15 daily Habits to Build a Strong Romantic Relationship

A romantic relationship with a compatible partner provides a source of deep fulfillment. However, it takes a lot of work. Yes, making relationship work requires a lot of effort. Even though there aren’t any magical treatment that will inject the right emotions in your relationship. There are a lot of steps to take not only makes love and romance work and also put it into effect. You can consciously turn these steps into habits that you practice every day until it no longer feels like a chore and you will definitely reap the rewards.
Here are 15 daily habits that will help you build a strong relationship

1. Practice Free and Open Relationship

Communication is one of the most important aspects of your relationship. How else will your partner know about your fears, dreams and other emotions. To build a strong relationship you need to talk about a lot of things. Make the time to talk about your day and details. Talk about the negative things don’t just ignore them, an Open relationship helps to build helps to build the bond and intimacy.

2. Cultivate shared interest

To make a relationship stronger, spending time together is essential. Discovering your shared passions and scheduling time to do them together will always give your partner something to look forward to. Whatever it is, taking long walks, reading or seeing a movie together. Adding mutual interest will always strengthen your bond.

3. Keep in touch throughout the day

Everybody likes surprise text or calls from someone they care about. You know how it feels when you get a text or call from your partner it always puts a smile on your face. No matter how busy your schedule is, make it a habit to check with your partner. Keeping in touch makes hem feel that they are special and hold a place in your thought.

4. Pay attention to the small stuff.

Believe it or not paying attention truly counts – it makes a difference between a happy relationship and a sad one. Taking note of the little things your partner likes will make them happy. Also avoiding the little things that make them unhappy will save you a lot of stress.

5. Speak each other’s love language

Have you ever wondered why your heart felt expressions of love but it doesn’t seem to get through to your partner? Many times, its because you both speak languages are simply defined as the methods we use to show and express love, because we don’t express love the same way. Your partner’s love language may be words of affirmation while yours may be quality time. No matter how much they say they love you if they don’t spend quality time with you – you don’t feel loved while for them if you don’t you have to affirm your love on a daily basis. To build intimacy in a relationship you both have to work at understanding each other’s love languages and also consciously putting effort to speak them. Only then will your expression of love really count.

6. Do the chores

Romantic novels and journals wont necessary tell you how important chores are, but they are basically unavoidable. Of course, it’s very easy to hire a help but that’s not always feasible or necessary. Nevertheless, doing household chores should be a collaborative effort, in fact it wouldn’t be fair if one person carries full responsibility for caring for the house. After all you are suppose to work as a team, divide task and do them together. You’d be surprised how appreciative, attractive and invaluable your partner will find your contribution, as well as your company.

7. Compliment each other

Happy couples know that giving compliments is an essential habit for a long-lasting relationship. Actually, giving a heartfelt compliment is one of the easiest ways to put a smile on your partners face. Always find time to compliment your partner. Tell him how strong he is, how great he looks in those jeans. Let your partner know how proud you are to have him in your life and never forget about the things that attracted you are in the first place.

8. Laugh Together

Laughter keeps a relationship alive. You can agree that it is always nice to see a couple laughing together – so make it a point to always add laughter to your relationship. Tease your partner, watch a comedy show, remind your partner of those embarrassing moments as long as you laugh together.

9. Express Appreciation

Another way to make your partner feel valued and loved is to form a habit expression appreciation – even for the little things. Saying thank you and how grateful you are to have them in your life will make them feel special. So be on a daily look out for what your partner does and show appreciation. You’d be surprised how happy your partner would be and they’d even strive to do more.

10. Resolve arguments the same day

Unresolved arguments leave a feeling of resentments. It is important to form a habit of not going to bed without resolving arguments or fights.

11. Take time to say hello and goodbye

In many relationships, greetings are so underrated. We often forget that they help us maintain that love and connection with our partners. For example, it is very easy to form a habit of not saying hello when you wake up next to each other every morning or forget to kiss each other on your way to work. Be intentional about forming a habit to greet each other and don’t let everyday worries make you forget about those hugs and kisses.

12. Say those 3 little words

You are going to have to learn to say I love you – if your looking to build a more intimate relationship. Saying meaning full I love you can make your partners heart melt with effect. So, make it a habit of slipping it into conversations or say similar things like you are my world. Say it as an expression of your feelings and nit casually.

13. Do things just because

You don’t have wait for special occasions to surprise your partner with something. What ever you decide to do mustn’t be a big deal. It could be as simple as buying him his favorite snack or taking him out for lunch. Make hi, know your always thinking of him.

14. Give affectionate physical contact

Human touch provides comfort and affection. It also supports and builds a strong and romantic relationship. We all want to be hugged and kissed so don’t forget to do all these things for your partner.

15. Go to bed at the same time

Couples who go to bed together generally have a long trusting relationship than those who don’t. You don’t have to fall asleep at the same time, but try lying down together. This will give you enough time enough time to talk about your day and your plans for the next day. If your lucky you can get a quickie before bedtime.

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