Saturday, April 4, 2020

16 Valentine Style Ideas That Are Cute As Hell

Valentine’s by the corner and your probably wondering what your going to wear. It doesn’t matter if your just hanging out with friends, going on a romantic date or just hanging out at a bar – you need to wear a cute outfit!

We’ve put together 16 style inspirations that will help you decide. Enjoy!

Leopard Print Dress

If your into slip dresses or leopard prints, this outfit is for you. You can accessorize with with a cute portable handbag, some gold necklace or any necklace at all. Finish up the look with a pair of nice looking heels (lace-up heels, open-toe heels, ankle boots etc.)

Pencil Skirts

To give full focus on the skirt, pair with a cutout long sleeve. Match your outfit with heels or if your not into that a pair of sneakers will do the trick

Mock Neck Sweater Dress

Source: Pinterest

It’s still winter in the Western world and mostly harmattan in the African region – protect your skin with this warm and trendy outfit.

Eyelash Sweater

Just Like the Mock Sweater Dress, this outfit is cute and at the same time warm. We don’t want to be shivering out there in the cold- do we now?

Satin Mini Dress

Yass girl! Take his breath away with this outfit. Accessorizing is KEY, slip on some heels Neutral Evening Heels , Over-the-Knee Boots (for a mini dress) or lace-up heels

Mock Neck Body Suit

For something casual, pair a bodysuit with denim

Belted Blazer

Sexy + Boss Vibes!! Accessorize with metallic hoops and a cute mini hand bag. You can pair your outfit with a strap heel

Belted Blazer Dress

Show off your toned legs with this outfit. Remember to accessorize!!

Sequin Top

For a fun night, you can wear a sequin top with a mini skirt or denim.

Kick Flare Trousers

If you’re not into skinny jeans, mini skirts etc. or just not in the mood – you can go for a flare kick trouser. Pair with pumps or any heel of your choice.

A Cardigan

If you want something cute and simple, this is for you. Not all dates has to be in a fancy restaurant, it’s the simple things that matter most in life. Pair with comfy boots for takeouts.

Denim Jacket

For a casual date/outing


Give more focus on the pallazo’s by pairing your outfit with a simple top.


Jumpsuits are comfy and cute as hell – well unless when you have to go the bathroom. Don’t forget to accessorize

Cargo Pants

If your going for a music concert or festival -this is your go to outfit. Pair with comfy boots or sneakers and your good to go.

Mini Skirt

What’s the essence of having beautiful toned legs – if you cant show them off . If you’re wearing a mini skirt, you can pair it with an ankle boots or strap heels. The good news is that if you’re looking for comfort a pair of sneakers will do the trick.

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