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Essential Makeup Tips for Beginners That Are Easy to Learn

  1. Get your beauty sleep: Lack of sleep can be detrimental to your skin. It can rob your skin off its natural glow. Sleep deprivation can also cause:
  • Swollen eyes
  • Paler Skin
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Dark under eyes
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Getting at least 7 hours of sleep enables your body repair itself. It increases the moisture of your face – leading to a mor youthful glow. It reduces the redness and breakouts on your skin.

2. Buy high-quality multipurpose materials: Using multipurpose materials for your makeup is one of the easiest ways to get through a busy morning. Use products that have double duty, for example: make-up brushes. A beauty blender, although not a brush, offers wide coverage for foundation and can be used to blend all makeup from brush to concealer.

Essential makeup tips for Beginners that are easy to learn
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3. To make your eye stand out, always apply your eyeshadow over a neutral base. Start by adding a primer over your eye-lids to make the eye-shadow last longer. A neutral colour will cover up discoloration and make your eyes pop.

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4. For an even look, use a finishing spray. A finishing spray is used to moisten the skin. Do not be confused, a setting and finishing spray both have similar uses but actualize this in different ways. A finishing spray helps your makeup stay longer and also gives your face a dewy glow by moistening your face – it prevents a cake face makeup.

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5. Clean your brush before moving onto a new product. This is important for smooth and flawless blending.

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6. Shape your brows: A perfectly shaped eyebrow can flatter your face especially your eye region. It can also:

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  • Refine your look
  • Give you a youthful look
  • Frame your eyes
  • Correct flaws
  • Brightens up your face
  • Give you a subtle and modern look

7. Prevent smudging by applying a primer first: adding a primer creates a smooth surface before you apply additional makeup

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It gives your makeup aa perfect look. Not only does it make your makeup long lasting, it helps reduce pores, fine lines and other blemishes.

8. Add a drop of essential oil to create a moisturizing lip stain: for beginners, a lip stain is a liquid cosmetic product used to color the lips. A lip stain can last for 8  12 hours. Adding essential oil just prevents it from drying out.

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9. To intensify eyeshadow colors, mix a little setting spray into the shade you want. This gives a more dramatic look

10. Make your concealer lighter by adding a little moisturizer to it. A lighter concealer is good for wider coverage

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11. Apply a white eyeliner for fuller lips: adding a white liner around your lips gives an illusion of light, making your lips pop and fuller.

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12. Don’t want to mess up your mascara? Place a spoon or card under your eyes when applying mascara.

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13. Perfect your eye lining skills by practicing on paper. Practice, they say makes perfect and eyeliner application only gets better after practice.

14. Create new eyeshadow shades by mixing old pigments together. Mix two different pigments to get new color.  

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