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First-time sex: how to reduce anxiety

Having sex for the first time is a very significant moment in our individual lives. It’s okay to feel anxious, nervous and downright confused. But if you’re going to loose your V card – you’ve got to do it the right way.

1. Do if with the right partner

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Apart from both psychological and physical satisfaction, having sex with the right partner and not some random person makes you feel secured and in control. Best advice: have sex with someone your in a steady relationship.

2. Choose a comfortable place

For safety reasons you might want to consider having sex in a cozy environment. When in an uncomfortable place, you’re mind hardly stays at rest. This in general makes it hard to focus on what’s going on-leaving no time to actually enjoy the sex.

3. Engage in Foreplay

Foreplay can aid in soothing anxiety especially if it’s your first time. It’s highly recommended you engage in foreplay, lots and lots of Foreplay. You can discuss this with your partner before you actually begin. No need to be shy about it. Do what ever makes you comfortable. Foreplay involves kissing and touching – lots and lots of it.

4. No need to rush Take it slow.

A lot of people during their first time rush in to move over to the next step. It’s confusing and increases anxiety. It’s a gradual process – relax and let things happen naturally. You must not achieve orgasm on your first trial. Personally your first time should be a moment where you can connect with your partner on another level. Get to know what you like – what pleases and satisfies you.

5. Try again

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Not everybody ends up having an amazing first time. There’s no harm in trying again. A number of things could have contributed to your not so amazing first time. When your more comfortable with the idea of having sex, you can always try again. You don’t need to be under pressure. Be sure that that’s what you actually want. You don’t have to feel under pressure to have sex with someone.

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