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Harmattan Season In West Africa| TOP 12 Essential Tips on How to Dress

It’s the harmattan season again. November ushers us into a cold, dust, dryness, extremely hot and harsh weather. The months of January and February are the driest and sunniest of the year. It can get hot during the day almost everywhere, and especially in the center and north. It can even get cold at night.

According to Dr. Olubunmi Omojowolo, the negative effects of harmattan haze include dry skin, cracked lips and soles at the feet. The skin becomes dry during harmattan season as a result of the dry wind. When the skin is dry, it becomes wrinkled. The skin can also have cracks, which degenerate into bruises. \

People also have the tendency to develop skin rashes during the season, which can also induce itching, whereby they may inadvertently introduce infections to the skin. Dealing with cracked skin in the harmattan is probably every person’s nightmare. It can get hard dressing appropriately during harmattan because it’s cold in the morning and can get extremely hot during the day.

To prevent your skin from cracking and drying, you have to dress appropriately to accommodate the harsh and fluctuating weather.

Here are a few tips that can help you celebrate this holiday season with smooth, soft skin and most importantly SLAYING hard.

1. LONG SLEEVES CLOTHES: These are suitable for this season. They cover your arms and prevent direct contact with the dry air.

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2. BELOW THE KNEE DRESSES AND SKIRTS: The longer the better for this season. They help protect your legs and prevent them from being exposed to the harsh weather and turning white.

3. THICK FABRICS: Choose clothes that have fabrics thick enough to protect you from the cold. These include wool, pure cotton, velvet etc. Go for them instead of nylon materials (these can cause your skin to get irritated due to the dry weather.)

4. LIP GLOSS:  Always have some lip gloss/lip balm and petroleum jelly in your bag always – you might need to continually apply them to your lips and skin.

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5. HEAD GEAR: One of the recent trends is the head gear.

6. SHADES: Shades or sunglasses prevent dust from entering your eyes and lashes. Dust can irritate your eyes – making it look red and swollen.

7. COVER-UPS : Cover-ups include: blazers, jackets, sweaters, hoodie, denim.

8.BALANCE OUT BIG VOLUME : Hoop earrings are back on trend, almost overnight, as the true must have accessory for 2019. Over a year hoop earrings have become a true mania and an irresistible accessory. Don’t be afraid to level things up – there are a variety to choose from.

9. FLAUNT YOUR BODY IN A SLIM VEST: On milder days, a long, thin leather vest worn over a matching turtleneck is a trendy alternative to a jacket. And it hugs your curves in the right places.

10. GIVE YOUR LEGS A FOXY MAKEOVER: Break up with shapeless boots or snickers, loafers or any warm footwear — they make your lower half look stumpy. Unless you’re in a blizzard, a tall leather pair that elongates your legs is way more flattering.

11. ACCENTUATE YOUR WAIST : To show off your hourglass — even in a thick or bluggy coat — cinch your midsection with a fun skinny belt and pair it up with skinny pants or leggings.

12. LET YOUR HAIR DOWN: This is very fashionable at the same time it gives your neck some warmth which would be a blessing in such a season.

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