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The A-Z Makeup Guide for Beginners

Ever walked into a beauty store and got confused by the thousand and one beauty products? You’re not the only one – even for a certified beauty junkie it can be slightly overwhelming. It’s actually very tricky and quite overwhelming, considering the millions of cosmetic beauty products out there. This article will guide you through the basics of makeup-especially for beginners. You’ll be able to learn the purpose and use of each cosmetic product. Like what’s a foundation? What’s the difference between prime and contour?

Here’s the ultimate A-Z makeup guide for beginners:

Makeup Products for Complexion

Primer: A primer is a cream or lotion that is applied before any other product. It is the first thing you apply to your face to lengthen the duration of your makeup on your face. It is designed to create a smooth base for your makeup, in other words, it makes your makeup smoother, flawless and perfect. Other benefits of applying a primer include:

  • Protection of skin from free radicals
  • Hydration of your skin
  • It balances the redness of your pores and removes appearances of dark spots

There are 4 types of primers, each with its uniqueness

Mattifying Primer

 Not only is it a silicone-based primer, it is perfect if you have an oily or combination skin.

Color-correcting primer

  • It is good for sensitive skin
  • It helps balance oil-discoloration
  • It minimizes the need to use large amount of foundation

Silicone-free primer

It works best for sensitive skin. If acne is a daily struggle, this primer is bad for you, same with sensitive skin.

  • Tinted primer
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines
  • Best for normal skin, smooth and even textured skin and small pores.

Foundation: A foundation can either be in a powder form or a liquid form. They are used as a base for facial makeup. A makeup base compromises of a facial primer, foundation and a concealer and setting powder. This combo if applied correctly enhances the durability of your make up. It also gives you a flawless and shiny glow. When using a foundation, coverage is the most important thing to consider. A full coverage is ideal when you want to cover acne scars, acne or pigmentation.

For a natural look, a light coverage also allows your freckles to be on full display.

Concealer: Just as the name suggest, this makeup product is used to hide/conceal large pores, dark spots, dark circles and other skin blemishes that are visible on your face. A concealer is used in small minute quantity unlike a foundation, hence its packaging.

Contour: It is a technique that involves using a shade darker than your natural tone.  Contour helps define your face, if you’re a beginner an easy way for you to contour is to use a powder. A liquid or crème formula is perfect if you’re going for a natural contour. Areas of concentration when contouring include your forehead, cheekbones and your nose.

Bronzer: A bronzer is a great for adding warmth, dimension and a sun kissed glow to your face. A bronzer gives your face a radiant and healthy look especially for days where your face looks dull due to sleep deprivation. For a gorgeous beach tan look dust your bronzer o this area: your cheekbones, nose bridge and your forehead. Please note that if a Bronzer is applied properly will give your face an orange or dirty look.

Highlighter: A highlighter makeup creates the illusion of brightness on your face- giving your face a shimmery glow. A highlighter is available as a powder, cream and a liquid.

Setting powder: A setting powder helps keep or set your foundation in check. It prevents your foundation from rubbing off or creasing. It is applied before the foundation t prevent that sticky foundation after effect. Depending on what you’re looking for, different formula available can be used to brighten, control oil also mattify your face.

Blush: A blush is used to add colour to your cheekbones. If you’re a makeup beginner it is easy for you to use a powder blush – although this product is also available as a cream and a liquid. A blush is applied last after applying foundation and setting powder.

Brow Products

Brow pencil: This product is used for thickening, filling in and also defining your brows. Since this product takes the shape of a pencil, it can be used to apply color where needed and in a precise manner.

Brow Gel: A bro gel is a cosmetic product that is used to keep “unruly brows” in place. It is used to add shape and tint your brows.

Brow powder: This beauty product is used to fil your brows. It helps give your brows a more natural and softer look.

Brow pomade: A brow pomade is a cream based cosmetic product (waxy formula) packaged in a small pot. It is used with a small angled brush to create a clean, defined eyebrow. Like the other brow products, it helps keep your brows in place.

Eye Makeup

Eye Shadow: An eyeshadow is colored cosmetic cream or powder that is applied on the eye lids to accentuate and make them more attractive. An eyeshadow can either be matte, glittery or shimmering, An important thing to know when buying an eyeshadow product is the pigment payoff (meaning how bold the colors are)

Liquid eyeliner: A liquid eyeliner is used to create an illusion of a wider or smaller eye. It is also used to create different looks and define the eyes. It is applied via a small brush or applicator.

Gel liner: A gel liner has the same use as a liquid eyeliner. The only difference is its difficulty in application and its long-lasting wear.

Pencil liner: Like all liners it is used to define the eyes. A pencil liner comes in wide range of colors/hue. One of the disadvantages of using a pencil liner is that it does not allow room for precision but an excellent choice for the lower lash hue.

Mascara: A mascara id used to thicken, darken, lengthen and define the appearance of your eyelashes.

Eyeshadow primer: An eyeshadow primer has the same use as a normal primer. It is used to create a base for applying eyeshadow and also helps it to las all day.

Liquid eyeshadow: This cosmetic product last longer than the solid/powder eye-shadow. It applies like a liquid but sets to a powder finish – can also be water resistant.

Lip Products

Lipstick: A lipstick is a colored beauty product that is applied to the lips to make them look fuller and more attractive. Lipsticks come in a bullet-shaped package and can either have a matte or shiny finish.

Liquid lipstick: Liquid lipstick are same with normal lipsticks but have a different mode of application (a doe-foot application). As the name suggests it is a liquid formula that dries off after few minutes -sets off to a matte finish

Lip gloss: It’s a liquid formula applied to the lips to give it a glossy finish. A lip-gloss can sometimes also add subtle color. The opacity ranges from translucent to solid

Lip liner: A lip liner is used to fill in uneven areas on the outer edges of the lips. It helps to give the lip a smoother and fuller pout and shape – when used to contour. It can also be used to

  • Line your lips to prevent your lipstick from bleeding
  • It aids long-lasting lipstick

Lip liner: A lip pencil is used to line your lips to prevent your lipstick from bleeding. It can also be used to contour your lips to give the appearance of a fuller pout, and it also helps your lipstick to last longer. Using a lip liner before lipstick also helps to shape the lips and make lipstick application easier.

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