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Self-care Tips You Need As a Single Lady To Take Care of Yourself and Be Happier

In this present day and time, social media can be depressing especially when your single. Everyone is happy in their relationships – every day everyone around is getting engaged, married except you. It hurts, we know but how you define happiness is all dependent on you. You don’t need a life partner before you can be happy in life. If you’re single and looking for ways you can take care of yourself and be happier then this post is for you.

Why Do You Need Selfcare as a Single Lady

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Selfcare goes way beyond taking a break from work, getting your nails done or even getting a massage. Selfcare entails you looking for possible ways to take care of mental health, body and soul. That is to say Selfcare priotizes 3 main aspects of your life; your mind + body + soul.

This can be tricky and not easy because we tend to feel it’s selfish to take some time for ourselves. Remember when we said happiness is all dependent on you, what this means is that you have to put yourself first in everything you do. Not doing so will leave you emotionally drained and exhausted. Think about it this way – if you don’t priotizes yourself before anyone else and maybe something happens to you, what happens? The world will still run 24/7 without you. Your work place will still run without you. In this century, we are driven to work continously trying to keep up with this pace will leave you empty inside if you don’t do something about it today.

With these self-care tops, you can be sure to be more confident, healthy and most importantly happy.

1. Exercise regularly

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You may say “exercise is boring and painful” – but it has a lot of benefits. One of the many benefits is that it helps you control your weight. According to Mayo Clinic, it is recommended you aim for 30 minutes of exercise daily for moderate physical activity. Regular exercise reduces your chance of getting heart diseases. P.s if you find it difficult to exercise daily, ditch the bus and walk instead.

2. Eat healthy

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Eating healthy will help you maintain a healthy life. A healthy diet is a diet made up of vegetables, fruits, whole grains with no sugar fluids (sweetened beverages) or unhealthy carbs. Research shows that eating unhealthy can aggravate mental health issues which includes anxiety and depression.

3. Have a Girls Trip

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Getting away during the weekend – to pamper yourself is a nice way to reduce stress and heal from a draining week.

It’s important not to spend above your pay grade. A little less expensive trip will do the trick. You can’t travel with close friends, family or anyone you can vibe with positively.

4. Adopt a Pet

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Research conducted and published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology shows that pets provide meaningful social support for owners and also improving their lives. Pets have been found to help with depression and symptoms of PTSD.

Your pet will always love you unconditionally. They’re not judgemental as humans – just learn to spend time and play with them.

Need more proof? Studies have also shown that by just looking a dog in the eye can boost your oxytocin – a hormone responsible for social bonding.

5. Take a Deep Breathe and Go Outside

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Spending at least 15 mins outside, in a park can actually make you happy. If your having a hard time, just take a walk – appreciate what nature offers. A study carried out by the University of Sussex found out that by just “being outdoors, near the sea, on a warm, sunny weekend afternoon is the perfect spot for spot for most” In fact, participants were found to be substantially happier outdoors in all natural environments than they were in urban environment.

6. Get enough sleep time

Take At least 7 hours to avoid being grumpy. Sleep is the body’s natural mechanism to self heal, repair and recover. Getting at least 7 hours of sleep, helps to

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  • a. Reduce stress
  • b. Make you more alert at work
  • c. Improve your health
  • d. Improve your mental health
  • e. Helps prevent cancer

To get better sleep at night, having a sleep routine will help you a lot.

7. Declutter your space

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Imagine waking up in the morning and having to look for your keys – as simple as this scenario may seem, this could wreck your day.

The solution? Always organize your space. Remove things that are not worth using, this will enable you focus on thing that are of high priority to you. It also helps to reduce your level of stress. Make it a habit to always clear old stuffs when you bring new ones in. This would make your life a whole lot easier.

8. Sometimes saying “No” is the “Yes” you need

You can’t please everyone – but saying no isn’t as easy as it sounds. You can say yes all the time all in the  name of trying to “please” someone but will always be remembered for the one time you said no.

9. By All Means, Be Selfish

Even though you have a busy, tight scheduler, try to allocate a minimum of 10 minutes for yourself before you start your day.

Take that time to exercise, meditate, play with your pet and plan your day. On weekends spend time with friends and family – they can help you cope with the challenges you go through.

10. Make it a habit

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According to science, it takes 21 days for something to become a habit. If you’re having troubles following your Selfcare plan religiously – have a friend help you out. Having a Selfcare plan is a long journey with long time benefits and rewards-so waste no time start today.

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